Friday, May 3, 2013

let's go to the zoo.

for my mom's birthday, i was beyond blessed to spend the day with her & my dad. just me. it was so nice (not that i don't enjoy spending time with caleb- i sure do). however, i am quite a homebody and being hundreds of miles away makes a day at the zoo with mom & dad... very special. 

we started the day with milkshakes and breakfast (at a place called, the diner) yum. they have a delicious milkshake with honey, bananas & ice cream. ummm.... yes, i have tried to revisit this recipe at home. not as good, yet i have already gone through more honey than i ever have in my entire life. 
&& what's better than breakfast & a milkshake. nothing. 

so mom, dad && i thought we would only spend an hour at the zoo.
one hour. 
not enough. 

we somehow got lost in the moment. going to literally every exhibit. elephants, monkeys, panda bears. we hit them all. 

near the end, my dad insisted on buying me a panda stuffed animal (which i couldn't understand at the time). however, when i was a little girl, i couldn't leave a zoo without an animal. so alas, as a twenty-something, my dad felt the same way today. it was truly a step back in time. && i loved every second of it :)

so what am i telling you-  drink a milkshake. get a stuffed animal. go to the zoo. 


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