Tuesday, May 14, 2013

those places.

those special places.
they get me. everytime.
one of those places is nyc.
maybe its because of the skyscrapers- (they take my breath away and make me feel a little small which is sometimes refreshing && needed)

or it may be the sounds of hundreds of different languages. all in one place. incredibly amazing.

maybe its the multitude of restuaurants to pick from- do you want italian, pizza, mexican, a latte, french fries, a food stand? (seriously. quite a dilema)

or more personally, it is a place that changed my life. a proposal.
for these reasons. i can't get enough of nyc.
or sarabeths.
or central park.
or even the seemingly unclean subway. yes, the subway. i love it.

here is some of our recent adventures to new york.
we tried to change it up a bit this time. but just a hair.
you know me, i like traditions :)

^^^ survivor's tree at world trade && largest building in western hemisphere. inspiring.

^^ remembering and honoring :)

^^^ because who doesn't love popsicles

^^ my new finds from the brooklyn flea


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