Wednesday, February 27, 2013

charlottesville two.

one week ago, caleb and i were eating at citizen burger in downtown charlottesville chatting about all we did in our weekend vacation.
i don't know if anyone else does this, but i frequently reminisce about what i was doing one year ago, one week ago, and even one day ago 
(especially if it was a really good one year ago, week ago, or day ago- and sometimes wish i could relive it)

so i am reliving our getaway through pictures today. 
dreaming of our next adventure.
(( hope it's sooner than later.. hint hint caleb ))

^^^ oh there is just something about sweet potato fries :)

we also enjoyed touring all the presidents homes in virginia. we felt we had to pay a tribute as we traveled over presidents day

well, hello, james madison.

one day, my garden will look like this.

avocado, feta, tomato. heavenly.

^^ date night.

uva. seriously beautiful. 

i want one of those^^

monticello. you do have a beautiful view, mr. thomas jefferson. 

^^yes, my husband is a geologist.

Monday, February 18, 2013


it started back in january, when we had an itch to get out of town. 
there is something about being in one spot for too long.
 and there is another thing about, well,... winter. (you know what i mean.)
sometimes, i think you just need a little mini getaway. so that's what we did.
 we left for 48 hours and pretended like we were on a vacation. 
i insisted that caleb call it a vacation and we had to treat it like one
- which means for me, 
calories don't count, 
sleeping in, 
absolutely NO working out,
 and dessert- every chance possible. 
oh caleb, he is such a trooper. he played right along. he even insisted on soaking up every minute and not missing any historical opportunity (which he knows i love)
so here's a little sneak peak of our vacation.  

p.s. never knew central virginia had so many wineries. apparently, becoming its own east coast napa. 
our personal fav.- king's family. 
polo events on sundays this summer. umm. yes. we are there. 

our b&b.
 so even though, we only were in charlottesville for one morning, we seemed to eat a lot of breakfast food. hmm. weird. 

^^ king's family

^^i'm obsessed. thanks caleb.

 ^^ the way coffee should be, with cream, of course.

 ^^^ breakfast at the inn

^^^^ chocolate made from wine... umm... yes. 

 ^^ there is something about mountains. as well as sunrises. combination of both, delightful.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


virginia. there are so many things i like about you. 

as many of you know, i like history. i actually majored in a social studies composite. 
i love the stories that roll out of our past. the romance, the miracles, the personalities.
there are so many towns, here in VA,
 where i feel like i am walking in a different decade. 
last weekend, caleb and i joined friends to tour the town they call home, richmond. 
we had a wonderful time
 chatting at lunch,
had a cupcake at a place called pearl's (umm.. love)
 walking the river, 
and trying a great new brewery 
(caleb's collection of beer glasses is becoming quite eclectic)

i can't wait to go back. 
thanks for being great tour guides, jessie and josh :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

painting and wine.

Sunday afternoons. Why not paint? 
i have never found myself as an artist or even slightly artistic.
 i always thought of myself as a communicator. 
But sometimes, after a long work week, it's nice to.... well... not communicate. 
when first entering the painting room, i didn't really know what to expect. 
a blank canvas, colored paint, and an apron. 
three hours later, i found myself completely lost in my work. almost finding myself competitive for the "best" painting
 (also a new thing for me- competitive?! what is going on?!)

i found my arm swishing back and forth, and looking for the sunlight to shine through.
i'm now a believer in art therapy- forget running (just kidding). 

caleb and i had so much fun and actually were both runners-up in the contest (we were kind of excited about this, naturally)
we quickly ran home, grabbed a bottle of champagne to celebrate our "masterpieces" and searched for the most perfect spot to hang our work. 

come visit and see if you can find them :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013


in the summers family, super bowl is kind of a big deal. 
sort of like a national holiday.
my dad had it on our calendar for months and started to look forward to it the minute we put our christmas tree away.
if you know anything about my dad - 
have seen the basement of my parents house or can remember the red chiefs mobile
... (arrowhead decals and all)... 
then you know what i am talking about.

every year on super bowl sunday, my parents would have enough food to feed for the masses
 (while usually it was only the core 5 of us)
this year, i was not close to home. 
so caleb and i thought we would carry on the tradition. 
we had so much fun planning a food menu for our friends, trying wings from different places and going to breweries to pick the best beer to serve.

i hope i made you proud-
here's to you, dad


we did our best in alexandria. 
who says you can't have champagne while watching football. 

cheers to you, beyonce

i think i like him ^^