Saturday, April 5, 2014

a lightning bug kind of visit

i feel blessed that i have two parents that not only raised me to be the person i am today,
but now, i call them friends. dear friends.
caleb has been gone for a month. my parents flew in on a weekend that i needed them.

it was one of those weekends, a series of moments, you want to capture and not let go of. almost like when you capture a lightning bug. you know it will die if you keep it overnight, but you so want to see it glowing in the morning.

we seized the city by storm, viewing the white house, watching a play at ford's theatre, zipping down the streets in a peticab, laughing over names of random candles in an old town boutique, smelling tobacco at a cigar shop, trying on a million new looks in georgetown, sampling different scones at paul's pretending we were in paris,  && viewing the lights of the city up high at the POV.

we saw so much
and yet,
we went so slow.

our average meal lasted two and a half hours (thank you matchbox for letting us keep your booth for over half the afternoon) && we lounged in our pjs until noon sipping coffee and making pancakes.
we talked about life && we laughed about all the little things that happen in daily life, yet never get resurfaced.

i am thankful for these two more than words can explain.
thank you for your visit. it meant the world to me.

Monday, March 3, 2014

kansas city, love.

kansis city, love. 
so many people i love live in kansis city && i rarely get to see them.
but during this valentine's day weekend, i got to see all of them :)
as i stepped off the plane, we found out my grandmother was admitted to the hospital. 
i got to hold her hand and hug her, something that was so special to me and
 something i so little get to do. 
my grandparents know what is important if you need to stay in the hospital, a night of cake and coffee (of course, provided by my grandfather)- i guess that's where i get my priorities.
my sister, leela and her husband russell, showed me a wonderful time in weston, ks. 
what i like to call the trifecta of a town. 
a brewery, winery && distillery (and the most adorable candle shop with flavors like pb&j, cigar shop, man musk, brown sugar, chai latte- i have had hours of enjoyment since my purchases)
needless to say, we had a great time. 
my weekend ended while dancing with my dear aunt at a jazz restaurant and dining on new orleans cuisine (in kc, right?!) not your typical fare, however, my family is anything but typical. 
but i love them with all my heart. 
thank you L and R for your kind hospitality. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

i love..

i love 
dove dark chocolate, 
shopping alone, 
very aged, hard gouda, 
new york city, 
sweet frogs,
grocery stores,
truffled cheddar, 
menage a trois red wine, 
heart shaped ravioli, 
whipped cream (in a can), 
fresh mint orbit gum, 
diet coke, 
butternut squash bisque (whole foods is my fave.), 
rainbow sprinkles, 
sriracha sauce, 
sex & the city, 
skinny peppermint mocha, 
everything extra hot,
back rubs, 
my family, 

what do you love?
happy valentine's day. (a little late- typical)

oh, the places you'll go.

Ever thine. 
Ever mine. 
Ever ours. 

sometimes you just have to let go. 
forget the dinner reservations- don't even call ahead, turn left instead of right- get lost,  eat the extra bite of cake-and all of the frosting. 
caleb && i took a little trip together. 
we didn't have dinner reservations one night && it started to snow. a lot. 
so we decided to be very european && feast on nice cheese, meat, and wine. 
well, the snow turned into a flurry and we decided to go to the closest grocery store we could find. (our only option.)

and, there it was. a glorified gas-station-selection-kind-of-food grocery store. you know the ones that have deli sandwiches and you're thinking to yourself, "i don't dare ask how long those have lived on that shelf?" so we went on a stroll for the meat. salami. in a plastic sealed container... onto the cheese. velveta anyone. and don't get me started on dessert. ice-cream flavored oreos?! needless to say, i laughed until i cried. ideal? no. yet, through it all, one of the most hysterical situations i have been in.

soooo... we went home with our favorite cereal && the silver lining, i brought wine from home. 

so if the music is good (or not good), you dance. 
life you are too short not to dance. 

welcome back, friends. 

^^^ i wasn't joking.

^^^ i think this was some kind of pie filling.

^^^contrary to popular belief- we do NOT normally take pictures in a grocery store. 
unless that is, it's whole foods. 

^^^ the next day got a little better :)

^^^ oh the decisions of life. 

^^ i did get my cheese, meat & fruit plate. 

^^^ all in all a great, memorable... trip. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

date 12: it's a wrap!

on my last date of christmas 2013, i wanted to share some of the festivities my family did during our week together. (i guess i had over the twelve dates originally planned. whoops!)
my family attended the south bend symphony, drank santa baby's at the chocolate cafe, painted our nails with sparkles, glitter & designs, hosted a christmas feast, visited breweries and wineries. we also laughed a lot, cried (some), ate && slept in. 

i learned quite a bit from christmas this year. 
i learned christmas isn't perfect. it can be stressful, and at times, tiring. it can mean missing someone you love. making the best of a situation & holding those who surround you close. it can mean loosing your temper & saying your sorry. 
it can also mean being real and totally a hot mess. 
christmas is about: not being perfect. 
nothing about it is perfect except for the true gift that God sent for each of us. 
Jesus didn't enter a perfect world, and yet, sometimes i try making this life perfect (an impossible task.) 
i am thankful i don't have to be perfect and the people in my life don't have to be perfect either. 
i am, however, in awe, taken back, speechless that a perfect God knows me, knows my name, and sent his Son to be born into this chaos to die for me, and for you. 

i can't understand why He would do this, but i am so thankful He did. && for this reason, christmas is so much more than what a picture, song, or movie portray. christmas is accepting this free, gracious, undeserving gift && loving on those around you because of this gift. 

merry christmas 2013. you have taught me a lot. 

date 11: baking!

no bake cookies, fudge, peanut butter with kisses, sugar cookies, chocolate cake. 
christmas would not be the same without a summers' baking day. 
full of chaos, flour everywhere, no ingredients in the cupboards, borrowing essentials from neighbors, "hard candy" christmas playing in the background && stomach aches towards the end. 

i love this day && look forward to it every year. 
however, this year, our baking day ended with a much different surprise. 
my dad came home with a special treat. 
he walked into our house with not one, but two legs. 
now for most people, no big deal right. 
yet, BIG DEAL. i have never really seen my dad walk with two legs. his new leg has a movable hip and even allows him to cross his legs, easily walk && play golf. 

it is quite amazing. i am so thankful.
i don't think another baking day will be quite the same. 

date 10: southport grocery

this year, i finished my dates with my family. 
i am a homebody- it's true. i love, love, love being home. 
so i wasn't too disappointed when my parents picked me up in chicago. 
we dined at southport grocery (my favorite breakfast spot!)
((i am obsessed with their bread pudding pancakes && bruschetta egg dish. if you live in chicago and haven't gone, GO!)) 

i wish i could go back to this place, this moment in time. 
(not only for the delicious food, but these precious moments go by too fast.)
this meeting place, this moment marks:
my first official day of break (!!!)
&& furthermore,
christmas had not yet passed & the best was still to come.
baking to be completed, windingbrook christmas lights to be viewed, friends to see, santa baby's to drink && the best part, it was only beginning of it all! 

i love moments like these. (time traveler, take me back!)