Sunday, October 5, 2014

bye, summer. hello, fall.

life lately has included a jumble of events.  best friend visits from indiana. sister && husband from kansis city. soul cycle charity event with georgetown cupcake ladies (celeb sighting!!!... nbd). summer nights have become shorter && cooler. school has started. little sleep during the week && less alarm clock invitations on saturdays. sadly, less visits to farmer's markets (only because i just can't seem to get there before they close). more wanderings around pottery barn (preparing for my family's thanksgiving table...p.s. did i mention i am hosting !!!). cooler runs, warmer sweaters, more whole food visits (thank you butternut squash soup!).

as you can tell, this time of year there are lots of events, people coming, schedules flipped, temperatures dropping. 
things change. life moves. mind races. life is good. 
welcome, fall. stay a while. there are so many pumpkin recipes i need to try && so little time.

^^^ old town after farmers market

^^^ soul cycle with sophia && katherine. did i mention, we got georgetown cupcakes after the class... yes please. 

^^^ last dinner before school starts. fishers, farmers, bakers. my fave.

^^ my bff.

^^^ yes, he runs 0.0 miles. proud wifey

^^ dog park at 9 am in the morning.
 next time, i am visiting at a later time in the day. 
who would have known, dog parks are packed in the a.m.??

 ^^^ too much fun. i'm pooped.

^^ sister && husband's visit. 
pizza, pumpkin beer, old town walking tour

^^^ nannying complete for the summer :)
my treat from the boys= lobster eggs, truffle oil, brioche bread. 

^^ cheers to a lovely summer && excited for a cool fall. 
p.s. do you notice the pink drink, it is a hibiscous margaraita (&& nbd, it was on tap)

more like, dinner for two


oh, sur la table, you are so kind to offer cooking classes for me. something i so desperately need. often times, i wish that i could have a live in chef to help me sort through a recipe to decifer "what does this step really means?" and so often i ponder "do i really need that ingredient?"... "seriously 18 dollars for this vanilla bean, can i use extract?"

alas, fun day, sunday, caleb && i got to ask some these questions (&& boy, did we). we signed up to cook fall dinners- a season i love so dearly!

we walked in eager to learn and left with so many new recipes: salmon, chicken && pork chops with new sauces, preparation strategies && a new, red dutch oven (!!!) 

we are so excited to try the recipes at home and our new gadgets. i feel inspired now to try new recipes, and actually follow them, i suppose. 

happy cooking.