Sunday, June 21, 2015

happy father's day, dad

moving away from home has been fun && difficult all at the same time. 
i love exploring new places and enjoying weekend trips (i'm actually kind of obsessed)
one thing i do miss, though, is celebrating my family on special occasions, i.e. birthdays, memorial day, mother's day and ... father's day

today, i wish i could be home to sip coffee and watch the today show, cook out, listen to jimmy buffet at the tiki bar && ride in the new red convertable 

 as i reflect on father's day, i realize how incredibley thankful i am for both my parents and the impact they have had in my life

if you have ever met my dad, you are instantly graced by his smile && roaring laugh
he is a man that never lets life get in the way && never allows obstacles stop him
people used to ask me when i was younger if my dad had limitations because of his handicap, 
they were amazed that nothing (&& i mean nothing) was too far, too hard or too challenging
he is the man that taught my sisters and me how to ski, searched high and low for every antique camera for centerpieces at my wedding, ran around the track cheering for us as we competed in the 800 meter dash,  volunteered when we needed a cheerleading coach, taught us how to drive, prayed the Lord's prayer on the way to school && listened to every big or small worry we ever had

he is the dad that has dropped everything to talk, listen or literally come find us in times of crisis
each birthday is a holiday and each visit, a vacation. he is the man invests in your life && takes on your interests as his own. he is selfless && a prayer warrior
most importantly...
when you talk to him, you feel like you are loved, cherished and the most valuable thing on this earth.

my dad is an extroardinary man. 
his motto:"live life in the moment" is one that my family refers to daily

words cannot describe the man my dad is to me in my life or my sisters' lives. 
happy father's day, dad. you truly rock our world :)