Monday, November 3, 2014

oh, new york.

There is something about the fall leaves, crisp air, && the month of November that inspires a visit to my beloved city, new york. It’s funny actually- the inspiration slash urge becomes almost like an itch. Possibly it’s the shows I used to watch growing up that took place in this city, like felicity && friends. Or all the good movies: you’ve got mail, serendipity && elf.
Or  it could be because three years ago, caleb proposed to me here. during that particularly special moment, of question and answering, I don’t know if he had any idea that I would be planning a trip to the same location at least once a year to celebrate, but now I think he is getting the clue J

On this trip, we decided to try all sorts of new things. I became borderline obsessed searching for restaurants, events, places to see. (at one point, I actually had to stop. Literally. Put the yelp app away, close the open table reservations, and take a breather… have you been there before? Too many choices.) I have decided plans are good && I actually get very excited in the process of thinking about all the fun we are going to have. But, I have also learned to “go with the flow” && enjoy the moments. Central park boats close up early for the season, runners decide to partake in a very long run, called a marathon, closing many roads,  it rains soooo you have to re-adjust. And, that is what we did.

Fortunatley for our own entertainment,  Halloween landed on the day we arrived in the city. We quickly realized that the subway ride became less of a chore and more of an opportunity for a great show. We saw several waldos, mummies && superheros. My personal favorite was a homemade jellyfish costume; caleb’s was a giraffe, but not the Madagascar giraffe, just a giraffe. Our costume: people watchers, the best kind.

A big part of planning a trip for me is the restaurant/food options. I become overwhelmed with the “hot” spots and the best places. It probably doesn’t help that my favorite thing to do is read food blogs (joythebaker, dashingdish), books  (anything by ruth reichl) & magaizines (yes, I look forward to the day my Living arrives in my mailbox). Our favorite spots during this trip were the brunch spots. Penelopes and Janes were relaxing, quaint and provided delicious sweet && savory dishes. Vanilla bean French toast- the name alone makes me salivate. Tacombi was another place that was so much fun! Tacos were made in a bus inside a restaurant that resembled the streets of a small Mexican city.  And, of course, we checked out the cupcake scene. Molly’s and Magnolia’s. Our fave goes to Magnolias, although Molly’s does have the nice bar with swings. There are so many food options in nyc, I always seem to leave the city feeling pleasantly stuffed, if not with a little tummy ache- but don’t worry, we left a little corner of room &&  finished the trip with my favorite brownies, witches brownies for the ride home. (seriously, if you go to Chelsea market, get the original witch’s brownies && lobster bisque… still dreaming).. ahh I wish at times eating was like walking. Not enough room to try everything.

To fill in the time between eating, caleb && I decided to walk the Brooklyn bridge (p.s. the scene when Miranda && steve reunite on the bridge. Ah love!). we also tried a comedy show at comedy cellar. We laughed so much && can’t wait to go back. Finally, an early morning wake up call to enter the Today show world was a cherry on top.

I could talk about nyc for hours. I actually tried to convince caleb to change our bus trip to leave at midnight. He didn’t fall for it. I am also trying to lightly break the news to caleb, I want to move here && of course become a today show news anchor. I think he may be catching on.

Until next time, new york. Keep shining.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

bye, summer. hello, fall.

life lately has included a jumble of events.  best friend visits from indiana. sister && husband from kansis city. soul cycle charity event with georgetown cupcake ladies (celeb sighting!!!... nbd). summer nights have become shorter && cooler. school has started. little sleep during the week && less alarm clock invitations on saturdays. sadly, less visits to farmer's markets (only because i just can't seem to get there before they close). more wanderings around pottery barn (preparing for my family's thanksgiving table...p.s. did i mention i am hosting !!!). cooler runs, warmer sweaters, more whole food visits (thank you butternut squash soup!).

as you can tell, this time of year there are lots of events, people coming, schedules flipped, temperatures dropping. 
things change. life moves. mind races. life is good. 
welcome, fall. stay a while. there are so many pumpkin recipes i need to try && so little time.

^^^ old town after farmers market

^^^ soul cycle with sophia && katherine. did i mention, we got georgetown cupcakes after the class... yes please. 

^^^ last dinner before school starts. fishers, farmers, bakers. my fave.

^^ my bff.

^^^ yes, he runs 0.0 miles. proud wifey

^^ dog park at 9 am in the morning.
 next time, i am visiting at a later time in the day. 
who would have known, dog parks are packed in the a.m.??

 ^^^ too much fun. i'm pooped.

^^ sister && husband's visit. 
pizza, pumpkin beer, old town walking tour

^^^ nannying complete for the summer :)
my treat from the boys= lobster eggs, truffle oil, brioche bread. 

^^ cheers to a lovely summer && excited for a cool fall. 
p.s. do you notice the pink drink, it is a hibiscous margaraita (&& nbd, it was on tap)

more like, dinner for two


oh, sur la table, you are so kind to offer cooking classes for me. something i so desperately need. often times, i wish that i could have a live in chef to help me sort through a recipe to decifer "what does this step really means?" and so often i ponder "do i really need that ingredient?"... "seriously 18 dollars for this vanilla bean, can i use extract?"

alas, fun day, sunday, caleb && i got to ask some these questions (&& boy, did we). we signed up to cook fall dinners- a season i love so dearly!

we walked in eager to learn and left with so many new recipes: salmon, chicken && pork chops with new sauces, preparation strategies && a new, red dutch oven (!!!) 

we are so excited to try the recipes at home and our new gadgets. i feel inspired now to try new recipes, and actually follow them, i suppose. 

happy cooking.

Monday, August 18, 2014

the core 5 plus a few

these are my people. 
the core 5 does not happen very often. different states, schedules, lives. but when it does, it is good. 
a little celebration of what still is those summers' girls && dad, of course. 
we have added a few more men to the combination, but it still works. 
oh, it is good to be a summers' girl. 

let's not make it take so long next time :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

happy two years.

two years together, equals two weeks of celebrating. naturally.

 ^^^ now that's my kind of flight. finally. 

^^^ night view

^^^ morning view

&&&& finally a wine keg. yes.

^^^ the picture alone. yummmm

^^^ a doughnut the size of my head

Celebrating two years has been the best. On the actual day of our anniversary, caleb was in new mexico and I was in virginia. It was different to not be in the same zip code on the actual day you said your “I do’s” only two short years ago. However, we decided to make the best of it, and actually, celebrated for the next two weeks upon his return. Whoops, I guess that is a lot… well, we enjoyed every bit!

we began by dining at a little restaurant in old town called restaurant eve. Delish! I made reservations to what I thought would be a “normal” reservation, and actually  made if for the tasting room. Essentially, the difference: distilled water vs. sparkling, bathroom doors opened by men wearing black bow ties, various courses of meals, and incredible tastes I have never had before, and a rather large bill, but totally worth it, right?!

Side note- my favorite books are by ruth reichl, she writes about being a food editor for the new york times. During this meal, I felt the pages of her life involve me. I was eating at a restaurant she would most likely dress as someone else and critique. However, thankfully, I didn’t have to disguise myself && I got to dine with my best friend.

Later that evening, caleb and i found the blue light on king street and tried our first ever speakeasy. A sesame cocktail for me && something with literal fire for caleb. It was divine.

A week later, my roomie from college got hitched, so we traveled back to the Midwest. We decided to make it a mini-cation for ourselves && explored the city I grew up going to. This time, however, was different. I was not with my parents or friends, but with my husband on the top of the Sheraton with a beautiful view of the river. We split our 48 hours up and each claimed a day to decorate with our likings. Caleb chose navy pier && I chose eataly and an architect tour. We ate at all new restaurants including summer house in lincoln park and perennial vibrant, (with a champagne welcome && a backstage pass to the canning room) thank you molly && katie for the recommendations.

Chicago is a place I would love to one day call home again. However, for now, it was fun to be a tourist in a place I grew up in with a new one by my side.
Next time, stretchie will have to come (we left him at grammie and gramps).

So happy anniversary, caleb. I love celebrating life with you. Let’s celebrate three weeks next year!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


"You have stories worth telling, 
memories worth remembering, 
dreams worth working toward, 
a body worth feeding, 
a soul worth tending,
 and beyond that, the God of the universe dwells within you, 
the true culmination of super and natural. 
You are more than dust and bones.
You are spirit and power and image of God.
And you have been given Today.” 
-Shauna Neiquist (Cold Tangerines)

Working on celebrating, today. 
^^^ sisters
an american flag dessert only seemed fitting

^^ life is better with these 2 ^^^

^^^ stretchie's first winery

 ^^^ && first bath

 ^^^ two years (!!!!) 
restaurant eve. enough said. GOOOOOOOO. 
now, like put in a reservation, now. 

^^^ and who says nails have to be one color?

^^^ oh, my love, the little things are so worth celebrating.