Wednesday, May 8, 2013

call me a fan.

its true. i wear my heart on my sleeve. if you have seen me excited. you know it. 

there are a few things in life that i count as pure joy. 
we all have "a list." the things that make life special. 
mine include:

cookie dough ice cream ice cream (obsessed).
going to bed at 10 p.m. (okay maybe 9:30)
runs in the morning. 
family dinners around a table. 
tacos. homemade. hard shelled. red onions. (&& my secret ingredient- only some know :) :) 
civil wars. ingrid michaelson. ben rector. matt kearney. (pretty much the extent of my itunes)
blueberry pie.
red pepper flakes. 
today show. 
kathie lee and hoda. 

so on a rainy monday morning. one of my favorite things rewarded me. big time. 
i was kathie lee and hoda's fan of the week. talk about shocked. i thought to myself "they know me!?!?!?!?!" nbd of course. (thanks nicole for informing me of this news- i had no idea!!)

so anyways.. you can only imagine. i wore a huge grin on my face all day. telling everyone who walked across my pathway. watching the clip 100xxx times. who know's- maybe one day i will make it on the today show. in real life. now, that would be the day! but until then- i will bask in my 30 seconds of fame. 

oh ya, i kinda of like him, too.

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