Saturday, May 18, 2013

chelsea market- you blow my mind

remember how i said i love markets && grocery stores. 
well i think i have found the market that blows my mind above all else (yes, including whole foods.... don't tell them :)
this place is called chelsea market. 
it truly is quite a beautiful location not only because of the food selections but also the character inside. it used to be the old nabisco factory- yes the place where oreos were created - therefore, you know it's going to be good. but it is even better than good. 
the building contains several little shops and venues where you can try anything from lobster to crepes to doughnuts to gourmet grilled cheese. 
of course, caleb and i tried as much as our tummies could hold :)

some of our favorites included: doughnuttery- you can pick the topping of your doughnut (peanut butter and cayenne pepper- sounds weird but delicious!!) && the filling station (mason jars with your favorite beer- yes brooklyn brewery you are good)

&&& the best part. the food network 
is on the third floor. if you didn't believe me before, now you know, chelsea market is credible. go. go. go. please go. you will love your afternoon and your tummy will thank you :)

 ^^ spices by the handful

^^^ i think he likes it.

^^ see i told you. 

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