Friday, December 28, 2012

2012. here's to you.

dear 2012, 
thank you for your constant pursuit of never staying the same- 
i no longer think i know what the term "comfort" means.

3 different addresses, 2 different jobs, 1 new husband. 

 thank you for blowing my mind and all the "plans" in my own head. 
truly, your plans have surpassed what i could ever imagine and have been far better than my own. 

here's to you. i'm beyond thankful.


p.s. i won't be hurt if there isn't as much change in store for 2013. maybe just 1 life change would be nice.  

prayer. you blow my mind, Lord. 

 bridal showers to remember. 

a new last name. & a new family. 

 yes, Lincoln is my new neighbor. 

 honeymoon. a dream.

 our home. 

our first meal at our new home. 

wake me. i must be dreaming. 

to think this picture was our engagement picture. taken one year ago. oh my, you blow my mind 2012. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 dates of christmas. date 12. complete

christmas day. our first. of many.
12 dates. completed. 

santa baby anyone?

someone's a little tired. and knows where to shop :)

 so a little ornament tradition. look familiar?! 

so i am rethinking the pies at our wedding after this wonderful cake.
p.s.  a pink champagne flavored cake inside. ummm... yum... i think i have had a piece every night this week. 

merry christmas. boy, was this season fun. full of memories, traditions & laughter.

(wax paper caramel fiasco, 6x8 christmas cards, 12 hour drives, homemade pop-tarts, everything peppermint, birthdays of 24th years, too little wrapping paper, new family traditions, celeb sightings, friends reuniting. wouldn't change it for the world.

as my mom and han would say, "oh you know, the holidays..."

from ours to yours. hope it was lovely.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12 dates of christmas. date 11.

christmas eve. 
from ours to yours.
love, the summers.


I'll be home for Christmas

You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents on the tree

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams- bill crosby

for some reason, it seems like you should wear red on christmas eve. at least we did. 

12 dates of christmas. date 10.

nyboer christmas.

as we woke up on sunday morning, i couldn't help but think, did SANTA come?! 

it may not have been december 25 quite yet, but according to us, it was christmas.

so we partook in traditions that i have heard about for years. 

cinnamon rolls
yarn beards
polka dot & flannel pajamas

and the best part, a new baby to hold and giggle with


12 dates of christmas. date 9.

i'll be home for christmas. 
this song seemed to repeat in my head for nearly 12 hours on the long car ride home for the holidays

caleb and i embarked on our journey to michigan at 3:30 on saturday morning 

the ride was full of story telling of our family traditions (in all the five years caleb and i dated, we had yet to spend the holiday together until now)

it sure was a sweet ride when we got to pass the time dreaming of the next few days to come 
(and boy were these next few days sweet)

virginia, pennsylvania, ohio, indiana, michigan...
 and we were 3 pm!
family, hugs, smiles & cookie decorating greeted us at the door.

here are some pictures of our road trip

we weren't excited or anything.

Friday, December 21, 2012

12 dates of christmas. date 8.

doorways of old town. 

caleb and i have created a sunday afternoon habit of roaming the streets of old town. 
the streets seem to change with each season that passes
(i thought the fall decorations were good with all the cute pumpkins and gourds;
christmas seems to surpass)
this season has been a sweet treat to look and admire all of the beautiful festive wreaths and lights. 
we could spend hours, hot coco in hand, looking for an open house to peek inside,
and the best part is, all the streets look the same, alas we can't find our car
 (which normally adds another hour to our trip)
but when you're having fun, who cares if you don't remember which street you parked on.
you'll find it eventually

Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 dates of christmas. date 7.

our gingerbread home. 

We walked in the Sugar Cube store on a gloomy, Sunday afternoon.
And, heard about the gingerbread contest and thought, “so glad it’s not June.”

For in December, there is no end to all the fun.
So much to do, we felt it might be a little overdone.

We grabbed as much candy as we could fit in our hands.
So many yummy treats in all the lands.

When out acclaimed “what about the frosting, hun?”
“Don’t worry, it has just started, we have only begun.”

We worked day and night,
And thought we might stand a fight.


We are pleased to present our gingerbread home.
You will not find this place in Rome.

No, it is our cape cod dream space.
We hope to one day call our place.

So enjoy the pretzel bricks, marshmallow snow, spearmint grass.
And one day we will invite you to the real brick home, with sprinkling snow and hot chocolate to sip in a nice glass.

But for now, take a look.
And, we will continue to work on our checkbook.

Merry Christmas!
Caleb and Calla Nyboer

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 dates of christmas. date 6

date 6: can you guess...

 you had to know it was coming.... SANTAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! (i know him ...)
it's true we saw... SANTAAAAAAAAAAAA (that never gets old)

and we say Manny from Modern Family aka ricco rodrigues (i'm not sure who i was more excited for.)

p.s. if you ever wanna see the national christmas tree lit up... 
make sure to go before 10 pm. 
 a minute later and it's too late. (not like it happened to us or anything) 

 georgetown cupcakes... everything christmas themed.
 when you thought those darn cakes couldn't get any better. 
add a peppermint swirl. ahh- i'm a goner.