Sunday, September 13, 2015

I'm back...

I recently took quite the hiatus from writing. For two years I have been completing my masters in education. During this time, writing became an assignment rather than a hobby. Thankfully, recently I  finished my program and can return to documenting my adventures as a married twenties-something.

This summer seemed to fly by with so many events to look back on. Caleb && I embarked on many trips which included Nashville to visit friends, Louisville to travel along the bourbon trail as well as family trips to the Outer Banks and to northern Michigan.

As I return to teach for my fifth year (!!!) and change classrooms, I realize how much life has occurred within three short months. We celebrated with friends as they tied the knot, showered expecting babies && packed for a move to a new area and apartment. 

As of last Spring, I thought my life would look a whole lot different than what has expired. I originally planned to be living in Michigan or Chicago. I was ready to put a bookend to our adventures in D.C.; however, God had quite a different story. Caleb && I are starting our fourth year in Virginia (something I never imagined would last this long). And yet, God’s promises are good and He is faithful. 

Here’s to another trip around the sun on the east coast!

^^^ my sweet friends reunited in nashville

 ^^ outer banks

 ^^^ celebrating three years of wedding bliss

my kind of meal...

year five teaching (ahhh)

^^^ best  wedding date, ever.

Road trip # 3 of the summer.