Sunday, May 19, 2013

today show. obsessed.

okay. it's true. i'm obsessed with the today show. i don't really know the exact date this happened. however, it must be playing in the background from 7 am until the end or at least until i run to my car for work. 

as a  kid, i always remember my parents watching the show. i remember my mom saying "your dad loves katie couric" && at the time, so did i. 
since i have moved away & started my own life, i think the show reminds me of being home. the sounds && voices of the news anchors kind of take me back to granger, indiana in a sense. it's truly funny how certain sounds, smells, tastes, or sights take you back to a specific place && time in life. for me, its that 7 am morning show. 

so there you go, i guess i have a fetish with news shows. ((i even run to the news at 6 am- needless to say i always know the weather))

who knows, maybe one day you will see me on a news show as an anchor for the day (now that would be a dream come true), but until then i will keep watching and stay obsessed. 

^^ lester holt. so cool. 

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