Friday, March 29, 2013

chicken & waffles. shrimp & grits.

caleb and i were in for a much needed break. 
we had already planned a little getaway before our apartment fiasco,
 and were debating whether or not to cancel our trip. 
however, God's planning is much better than mine. He obviously knew we would need a getaway from our new box filled apartment and we decided to leave the mess & hit the road. 

boy, were we in for a treat!
rain or shine. this trip was a blessing. we drove eight hours to charleston and of course, the first thing i did was find a spot to eat. after much research, we landed on poogan's poorch. it was down pouring when we arrived; however, this did not affect people's love for saturday brunch. 

as we waited in the hallway of this yellow plantation-style home restaurant, i viewed the hall-of-fame for this restaurant. giada de laurentiis' signature particulary stood out to me, "bon appetite!" 
yes, she was right. 

caleb and i started our sourthern trip (in my opinion) the right way. 
shrimp & grits for me and chicken & waffles for him.
i was in love. with first bite. 

i must have been born in the wrong state. i can't believe i lived twenty four years without trying the savory sweetness of chicken & waffles or the bold chedder of chicken & grits. 

if the rest of the day was a wash out. charleston already was worth the eight hour drive. 

 what they call rainbow row^^^

 ^^ look what i spotted. boy, do i love weddings :)

 ^^ secret garden?!?!

 ^^^ naturally, i loved this barn. 

^^^ mom, you must have raised me in the wrong state. 

^^^ a city market.  charleston, you got me there. 

thankfully, the day kept getting better. 
what's better than a carriage ride on cobblestone roads with hot tea from a place called bananas and caviar.
 a dream. 

until next time, charleston. you hold my heart. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

when water hits.

as many of you may have heard, our apartment was water damaged this past weekend. 
i walked home to quite a mess friday evening. 
the smell of smoke and mildew filled my nose as i stepped into what used to be my home. 
catastrophe had hit our apartment,
 and our hearts.
funny, how life can turn so quickly on you.

the place i had worked so hard to make a nest as a new wife was gone. 
the ceiling collapsed. literally.

i really have never had an event like this occur in my life. 
and it's interesting how you react in times of trials. 

for instance,
it was not the destroyed couch that made me shed a tear
nor was it the electronics. 
wasn't the standing puddles or the bubbles on the walls. 

it was the chest.
the one i had found at goodwill. 
the chest i had searched high and low for. 
the one i had to fight for when another man told me in the store, 
"well, that's a good find" (seemingly insinuating- i want that)

me: "you think so, thanks. i do too." (hugging it with both arms- a little too heavy to carry on my own)

it's times like these that make you realize how grateful you are for what you do have 
and how easily it can be taken away. 
wow, i am so thankful for you. my friends and family. 
i am so thankful for laughter. for sunday pancakes. for long walks. 
for pizza saturdays with the alvarados. for whole food samples.
and...for you caleb.
sure glad, i had this boy by my side ^^^^

so alas, this has been a topsy turvy weekend/week. one i sure was not planning; however, i rest assured that God's plans are much higher. 

"being confident of this, he who began a good work in you will finish it unto completion until the day of Christ." philippians 1:6

thankful my hope does not rest in earthly things. 
boy, do these things not last. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

union market and some of my favorites.

it's funny how certain things in life make people excited
i love how God created people. we are all so different. i know that is a simple statement. but think about it. 
blows my mind. 

for many, excitement may come from a favorite sports team winning a game. possibly completing a marathon. finishing a book. meeting a friend for coffee. sipping on that just-perfect-ordered latte, skim, extra hot, no whip... okay, i guess i will have the whip.  

for me, it seems to be some of  the smallest things that make me tick.

one of them...

grocery stores.

if you know me very well, you know that if i walk into a grocery store with samples, i am like a kid in a candy shop. you may not be able to keep up.  there is something about small little tastes that make my heart skip a beat.
 salmon bites on a toothpick? 
hummus and crackers?
 a triangular cut cookie? 
gouda cheese slices? 
and even better, wine samples? YES, YES, YES. 

for example, on my birthday, my wonderful husband took me to WHOLE FOODS for lunch. for many, this may seem like a cheap date, yet for me, a dream spot. it is especially bad when the guacamole lady knows you, "where you here last sunday?" 
"why yes, great memory, we were" (i guess i will only grab one chip this time)
or my husband's favorite. lunch date.
 "where do you wanna go, cal?" 
"whole foods?!"

my favorite grocery stores list could go on and on. dean and deluca. oh my... have you tried their smores bar? oh and the entry way. beautiful. 
martin's side door deli. a family tradition. a must every trip home. magnificent muffins. heavenly.
eastern market. oh my, you do not disappoint. those delicious pancakes, worth the hour wait every time. 

and yes, dc, once again, you have not let me down. recently, i was advised to visit union market. when i walked through the glass doors, yes, it was added to the list.  homemade milkshakes, mussel bar, pickles, tea... 
oh yes, we will be back union market. do not worry. 

p.s. thanks allison & kevin for enjoying with us. and thank you andrea for the suggestion :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

st. patrick's day. early.

so apparently in alexandria, va, 
they celebrate st. patricks day on the first weekend of march. 
i have never been a huge st. patrick's day person. however, this year, it seems i have become a huge parade person. 
alas, when i heard there was going to be a parade, i jumped at the opportunity. 
i think i feel like i am in gilmore girls when i go to town events- and well, parades feel so much like  a "town event."

i heard people whispering, "i didn't wear green- i hope i don't get pinched"
i couldn't help but think--- "people, it's not st. patrick's day."
 but reminded myself that this of course was a st. patty's day parade. 
so i had better get my green on. 
we saw some familiar faces- or i should say, a familiar band. 
it's funny how you can be hundreds of miles away from home, and be revisited by the fighting irish song.
so happy st. patrick's day. a little early this year.

^^^ we like our little town.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

goodbye february.

 life lately. 
has consisted of a variety of activities. inside activities to say the least. 
february- we get it. your cold. 
so, we have improvised. 
friday night settlers game. 
port city brewery tours 
(we discovered this brewery is a mile away from our house- 
we've only been a couple times.)
swing dancing at glen echo park. 
date nights with a menu full of seafood options. scallops please.
dozen cupcakes- yes, i will take one of every flavor. thank you for asking.

february, you have been good. 
see you again next year. 
maybe you could bring a snow day if you choose to be so cold again.

^^ now that's fresh beer.  

 ^^ yay for new friends in the city :)

^^ yes, we did learn how to swing. 
not like we didn't before, but i must say we have improved our steps.

 ^^ what's better than one.
 twelve of course. 
and a puppy to share with.