Tuesday, May 7, 2013

two families.

what's better than one family? two. 

being married for only a short while, i feel like i constantly ask caleb "what did your family do on a sunday afternoon? for birthdays?  for movie nights?" ... you get the point 
so when you get to see your new family in action- it is truly a joy!

caleb's family (well, part) visited us quickly after my family left. the fun never seemed to end- from running through a fountain, souring on a segway tour to watching hello dolly [at the ford, nbd]. all of which these events seem so much more special with people you love. 

thank you, d.c. for your never-ending amusement && family for coming to visit us.

it's amazing how much fun you can have with family. these people are irreplaceable. and, when they are here, it makes you realize how blessed you are :) come back soon. 

p.s. gretta, we will have to find you a cupcake shop next time?!

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