Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a loaf of italian bread.

it's amazing how much joy a loaf of bread can bring you. 
french toast. paninis. bruchetta. caprese salad. 
oh, the possibilities. && i sure do love options. 
&&& there is something extra special when you purchase it from a farmer's market. 
seriously. i'm convinced. it tastes better. 
my obsession with italian bread came when caleb && i were in hilton head. 
we found the MOST amazing french toast at a little diner on the island. (we loved it so much we went to that same place for multiple days and ordered multiple dishes of it)
we have since then tried to replicate the goodness of this particular italian french toast. 
we haven't perfected it. yet, we are getting pretty darn close. 

oh those finds on a saturday morning. and all the possibilities that lie ahead for the week. 
 enjoy the loaf :)

^^^ good thing i ran that morning && this boy, that smiles tells it all.

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