Monday, April 21, 2014

you have been good to us, west coast.

words cannot describe what a special week this was for caleb && me.

possibly because our vacation got cancelled last year 
or because these days, we have spent more days apart than together. 

whatever the reason, it was a treasure, a gift.
so come back- 
time traveler, i need you... now.

after a long red eye flight, i have been reminiscing all day. almost like trying to get a taste back that has left your mouth after a really good meal.

"at this time yesterday... well it was three hours earlier... so we were..."

you get the point. 
well i am still wrapping my mind around all the fun we had. 
here are a few highlights. 
more to come!

it all began in colorado...

 ^^^ ski day, followed by... spa day

^^ what more do you want in colorado, besides your boy by your side. 

 ^^^ snowmobiling. no, that is not my jacket. 

^^ i am fairly certain, colorado has some of the best hot chocolate i have tasted.


and after some fun in the snow, we cruised on over to san francisco. 

 ^^ golden gate park. we have this thing for row boats. 

 ^^^ twenty mile something bike ride later. "WE DID IT!!!" now where's dinner!?!?

 ^^ this is more my pace. napa && sonoma tour.

 ^^ && we all know how i feel about farmer's market.. ahh.. SF, you do not disappoint.

^^^ steamed dough, anyone??

 ^^^ the mission. yes, we went here three out of the five nights. 
let's just say "yelp" loves the mission && so do we :)

 ^^ gourmet cookies. no day is complete without chocolate, in my opinion.

^^^ i am fairly certain, the worst part about a trip is leaving.
until next time, vacation. 
i really, really enjoyed you.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

a lightning bug kind of visit

i feel blessed that i have two parents that not only raised me to be the person i am today,
but now, i call them friends. dear friends.
caleb has been gone for a month. my parents flew in on a weekend that i needed them.

it was one of those weekends, a series of moments, you want to capture and not let go of. almost like when you capture a lightning bug. you know it will die if you keep it overnight, but you so want to see it glowing in the morning.

we seized the city by storm, viewing the white house, watching a play at ford's theatre, zipping down the streets in a peticab, laughing over names of random candles in an old town boutique, smelling tobacco at a cigar shop, trying on a million new looks in georgetown, sampling different scones at paul's pretending we were in paris,  && viewing the lights of the city up high at the POV.

we saw so much
and yet,
we went so slow.

our average meal lasted two and a half hours (thank you matchbox for letting us keep your booth for over half the afternoon) && we lounged in our pjs until noon sipping coffee and making pancakes.
we talked about life && we laughed about all the little things that happen in daily life, yet never get resurfaced.

i am thankful for these two more than words can explain.
thank you for your visit. it meant the world to me.