Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the high line.

one of my favorite things to do: walks with people i love. 
living in an apartment- i have found it harder to enjoy. (not as many nice pathways/neighborhoods)

my mom && i used to walk almost every night when i lived at home. we would chat about literally everything. and an hour seemed to fly by- usually my dad would try to come find us wondering if we were lost. 

naturally, in new york you walk. a lot. 
the sites are beautiful though- worth a little sore muscles at the end of the day && after a long walk, the fight for the subway seat begins. quite a sight, really. 

caleb & i had a goal to explore new parts of the city. 
the new adventure we tried on mother's day was the high line. a beautiful walk "on top" of the city. we went on a sunday afternoon && it was breath-taking. so nice to be viewing the traffic rather than in it. the path was packed. people had picnics && popsicles (apparently the new hit thing in the city). this walk was probably a highlight of the trip. it's amazing all the little gems a huge city has to hold. sometimes you just have to get away from the lights- and go explore on your own :)

and of course, central park. the most beautiful walk in the city. 

 ^^^ these shoes were made for walking


  1. So fun! I have heard about the high line but sadly have never been to NYC to be able to walk it... I'm hoping one day soon! Maybe this fall!

    I found your blog because my mom works with you - Jan Yantz :) Just wanted to say hello! Love your blog and your pictures. You and Caleb are so cute!

    1. Laura, you are so sweet!! You would love love love NYC. I love your mom as well :) Keep reading :)