Friday, September 28, 2012

apples, apples, and more apples.

 why is it on a saturday when you don't have to wake up early - you do. I never can understand that. 

anyways, on saturday morning, i woke up at 6:45 a.m. but instead of having to go to work- i got to enjoy the beautiful fall day. and it was beaaauuutiful. 

i decided to go for a run on this lovely morning. there is something about running in the fall. the crisp air, leaves starting to change, and a slight breeze. after my run, i stopped and treated myself to a pumpkin coffee from dunkin doughnuts. i couldn't just end there. i had to make pumpkin pancakes. which i must say- were better than i could ever imagine. it was a martha stewart recipe- and to be honest my martha stewart baking has not turned out very good lately. after a little self pep-talk and some perseverance, i decided to try another martha recipe. i am sure glad i did. caleb liked it too. 

after the morning (my favorite time of the day by the way), caleb and i went apple picking and raspberry picking. the orchard was of course in my favorite state, maryland, and it met every expectation. 

we left the orchard with 22 pounds of apples, 
a pound of raspberries,
 and a gallon of cider. 

i bet you can guess what we did for the rest of the weekend- we baked.
three pies later and several pounds of apples to spare. 

happy fall. 

Monday, September 24, 2012


i entitled this post- lipgloss. to many, it is just a tube found at numerous drug stores. sometimes sticky and comes off quickly. there are clearly better options- lip stains, lip pencils, lipstick. however, lipgloss is the object that started my friendship with my best friend.

we went to a teeny tiny high school (and i am talking small). we sat next to each other in choir class and boom- heather, pulls out a tube of lipgloss and confesses her make up obsession. i knew instantly we would be best friends. nearly 10 years later, we are still best friends. we have been through nearly every season together- including both of our weddings in the past year. i am so thankful that God can create a friendship out of a commonality of... lipgloss.

heather and mike (her husband) came to visit caleb and i this past weekend. they were celebrating their one year and what a wonderful place to celebrate than d.c. it is hard to believe they have been married for an entire year. congrats, you too!

we truly had a lovely weekend. full of fall frenzies- including home-aid pumpkin icecream (thank you Old Town)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a hike.

So I am kind of obsessed with peaches
We were driving to the Shenandoah Valley to hike and on our pit-stop, we saw the best peach stand. 
I knew it was going to be a good day. 
We picked out some peaches and pears from the cutest man. 
We told him we were going to hike Old Rag and he told us when he was a little boy he used to run up the mountain and watch the "choo-choo" trains. 

Well, Caleb and I did not see any "choo-choo" trains, and we didn't exactly run up the mountain. However, we did have wonderful views, beautiful weather, and a delicious snack on the top. 
I never knew hiking a 9 mile mountain would be so relaxing and peaceful. 

I would did it again in a heartbeat. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

life lately.

we have become tourists of our own city. and we love it. 
redskins game. mount vernon. fish places. arlington cemetery. georgetown cupcakes. dean and deluca. row houses. brick roads. potomic river
visits from parents. 
starting to enjoy this place.