Monday, March 9, 2015

oh disney

i think i had forgotten the "magic" of disney.

the last time i embarked on the magical land was shortly after graduating college. i remember being so anxious about "real" life during that last trip. i then had no job, no place to call my own && a nice, crisp white piece of paper declaring a college degree framed nicely with no where quite yet to hang it... the only plans i really had during this time in my life was a trip to disney, a tradition my family had for vacation nearly every year, yet i hadn't returned since.

now looking back, within these three and a half short years, i have moved to two new states, held two different teaching jobs && been married. during these years, there has been so much "life" that has occured, traveling and experiencing so many new and exciting events and places, yet i sadly seemed to have forgotten about the magical land i once loved so much until this past week.

(i actually must admit, i was even slightly embarrased to tell friends i was going on a disney vacation and cruise. i almost felt "too old") silly me- you are never too old for disney!

the trip this past week was a year in the making.
my sisters && significant others traveled to the "magical" land to celebrate my parents thirtieth anniversary.

it seemed fitting to celebrate my parents here considering disney was a place my parents took us since we were babies. a place that tends to shine as highlights throughout our growing up years. we loved it all: character breakfasts to rides like splash mountain to viewing the electrical light parade, not to mention our beloved resort, riverside at port orleans &&& don't even get me started on the mickey shaped waffles, the piano man && chocolate covered rice krispy ears.

so many treats, locations && memories come to mind when i think of all my experiences at disney && this trip was very nostalgic and reminiscent of them all.

i think i love disney because it's the kind of place that allows you to let your hair down, you forget about "real" life and enjoy the little delights that we far too often pass by. it seems okay to eat chicken tenders & fries for lunch when your in your twenties, wear goofy hats and ears, sing along to every familiar tune && actually believe it is a magical place, because it truly is for my family.

during this trip we embarked on some of our favorite traditions && tried new ones, like the cruise, something we have never done before. i must admit, it was wonderful to wake up to waves every morning & anticipate the day's activities. bahamas. disney's private island. day at sea. magical kingdom. animal kingdom. grand floridian character breakfast. polynesian luau. everyday (for the past seven days) was filled && marked by events that will be treasured and stored as new, favorite memories.

the trip was truly delightful. one that i don't think any of us will ever forget.
i am thankful i had the opportunity to come back to the place i loved growing up && was able to share it with my "grown up" summers family && husband.. or should i call him, goofy now.
thanks disney for another truly magical week. i promise i won't wait so long next time.

"it's kind of fun to do the impossible"- walt disney