Tuesday, February 17, 2015

city of love && bon apettit #2

so naturally my first choice of a weekend trip is nyc. however, this time, we were having too much fun in this city of love. 
i had been here once before to run the half marathon last fall while caleb was in houston. 
i was excited to share with him some of my findings from before but also to find new loves.
first, we went to some of the historical settings: liberty bell, independence hall && art museum. 
of course, running up the stairs as rockie would.
(no, we are totally proud to be called tourists. no shame.)
&& the perk with it being so cold, no lines. 

while researching places to eat, i found that bon appetit named the second best new restuarant in
... philly. 
i had to go. 
i called everyday for a week (i wish i was joking).
yet no reservations. 
however, thankfully, (i think my persistance won !!!) saturday at six, we were dining at high street :)

later that evening, a new favorite of ours is comedy clubs. 
there is something about going somewhere && just laughing. 
we love it. so we found the local comedy club, helium comedy  && laughed with the locals.

we also tried pats && ginos. 
i had no idea that you sat outside 
(which doesn't seem to make since considering philly's climate, but not my decision)

so caleb && i picniced in our car, trying the city's iconic cheesesteaks. 

caleb was persistant: "no, whiz!" && however, it was required (he had no idea)
our choice, hands down, pat's wins! 

finally, we tried the brewery, yards, and fell in love with their "love" beer. 
not one,but two bottles traveled home with us to go to celebrate the up & coming valentine's day. 
who knew, i would choose beer to celebrate love. 

philadelphia, you truly are a city of love. 
we will come back again. 
maybe you will choose to slow down your wind chill next time.

^^^ dinic's reading terminal. pork && brocolli rabe. 
recommended by many. however, our personal favorite in reading terminal was the chocolate molds && beiler's bakery

 ^^ second top restaurant according to bon appetite

 ^^ federal doughnuts. my second favorite to dough in brooklyn