Thursday, May 30, 2013

where's waldo

hanna and ben came to town. 

always so much fun to have family. here. 
(please, someone from our family has to move to VA)hint. hint.
we had a flag in hand &&& as you can tell, we weren't obsessed at all. 
here's a little sneak peak.  

^^^ ben wasn't excited or anything

^^ typical day in the life. 

 ^^^ no we didn't photoshop him in. 
^^ see if you can spot the flag/ben?!?!

^^^ cuties. 

^^^ we pretended we were in phillie. ###foodtrucklove.

okay, it's true. we are obsessed with the flag. 
at least i am. 
you may see it again on another adventure. i'm not gonna lie. 
come back, hanniebannanie from indiannie. 

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