Monday, April 20, 2015

#3 bon appétit: estela (nyc)

It felt like spring in my beloved city. The last trip caleb & I took to new york, we were greeted with rain and cold (don’t get me wrong, we still had a great time; however, the weather this time around was a sweet surprise).

I had many “places” to visit, most of which included food. Considering I was on a post-vacation depression from Disney, I dived into planning this trip and had quite the list.

The first stop was Estela. Bon appetit’s #3 rated restaurant in the nation. ((I was so excited to try all 3- && thankfully each one was settled on the east coast & within drivable distance))
it’s funny, some people visit baseball fields, others visit every state, some like to see lighthouses- mine, restaurants.

In my personal opinion, estella should be rated #2, a close second to roses luxery. We started with baratta cheese which I have never had && honestly had to “google” it.  The treat tasted airy and whipped. I love cheese and whipped crème so the combination of the two was delightful. Next, we tried the lamb ribs, incredibly tender, perfectly spiced &&  on a different planet from all other types of “ribs” I have tried. We ended the meal with dumplings in a delectable mushroom broth. I have this recent obsession with mushrooms and this dish truly hit that spot.  I would definitely say it is one of those places that you crave once you leave.

My second favorite spot on the trip, next to Estella, was a little pizza place hidden in Brooklyn, Paulee Gee’s. we got to meet the owner && had “hot honey” drizzled on the pizza- I have never experienced “hot honey” but I am now a believer.  

A close tie for second, yet coming in third, on our last night was la espana. I wanted to surprise caleb and took him to this "mystery" dinner. He loves speakeasy bars && this was a restaurant similar to one (seriously new york- what don’t you have up your sleeve!?!?). As we walked in the front, caleb looked at me and murmured something like “this is it?”- I couldn’t wait to tell the maître de our “password” a.k.a. our reservation, and enter into the downstairs. (at this point, caleb quickly changed his perspective on the whole experience && I loved watching his face light up). I can’t say I have really ever eaten in a basement at a restaurant; however, this felt like we had just hit the spot of an all-exclusive setting && I love finding these hidden gems.

Other favorites on the trip included Brooklyn brewery (double chocolate stout), dough (order the doughnut with the almonds on top!), jacob’s pickles (biscuit pancakes, bacon crumbles && fried chicken...seriously, yum!), Chelsea’s market && momofuku milk bar. Okay this place, momofuku, although its’ crazy name, has a serious following and a line to show for it. But for good reason- because it’s so unique: cereal ice cream which literally tasted like cereal & rosemary caramel sea salt ice cream- seriously, every word I just spelled out, you can taste && crack pie- which literally is eating butter && sugar

If we hadn’t treated ourselves enough, we dived into a City Bakery chocolate chip cookie (seriously worth the trek) && a Witch’s Brownie (my favorite brownie in the city) for the ride home!

All in all, it was a wonderful treat to visit the city, again.
I obviously can’t wait to go back!
Until next time, NYC, you are for dreamers (&& eaters)

 ^^^^ milk bar. yummy!

 ^^^ hidden gem in the city- speakeasy restaurant^^^^

^^^ these are a few of my favorite things..

^^^ my favorite building (way off in the yonder..)

^^^ life on the high-line

^^ yes, we ordered deep fried pickles at jacob's pickles

first course at estela :)

^^^oh central park, how i love you :)

&&& city bakery chocolate chip cookie... wow! dreaming!