Saturday, January 26, 2013

oh america.

wow. what a week to be in the capital. 
little did i know when i moved here, i would see the president and vice president, view the white house at christmas, stroll around the gardens of the first lady, and be surrounded by so much history. 

i couldn't help myself by going to the parade on monday. i squeezed into a tiny spot so that i could catch a view of what felt like royalty.

i felt myself wrapped up in a crowd, chanting, "obama, obama"
something came over me- i felt truly like an american. and, i was joyful to be one. 

had to get a photo of this one. missing good old wheaton.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


i am not sure how i feel about you. 

inaugural weekend in dc. 

and not so cold weather. i think i like you east coast. 
picnics outside.  i can handle that. 
brewery tours. junk food. pizza. chili.
 did i say pizza? yes, lots of that.
parenthood marathons. oh, heart is pounding. cliff hangers.  
yes please.  

oh and (finally) welcomed into the 21st technology. 
the nyboers have... IPHONES. 
communication between the two of us has ended as we know it. 
just kidding. 

i suppose a little slow down is good for the soul. 
its no 12 dates of christmas, though. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

tea time

tea at the drake in chicago has been a dream of mine (especially around christmas!) ever since i first laid eyes on the location. (if you have ever walked into this room- you know what i am talking about.)

 i must say- there is something incredibly enticing about a room surrounded by people chatting, a harpist playing, cakes expecting to be eaten & sugar cubes waiting to be stirred. 

so alas, my dream was made complete on one of my last days in the midwest- we did indeed dine at the drake. i was embraced by so many dear friends that  I do not see too often enough. we had a wonderful time laughing, exchanging stories, and sipping on the yummy tea.
 (i suggest the pear and caramel). 

so proud of jill and jori hailing that cab.