Friday, April 26, 2013

tight grip.

there are days you want to hold on to with a tight grip. you would do anything to not let them go & to possibly freeze time. this was that kind of weekend. my parents and gram came to visit caleb and me for easter. 

i was thrilled. i had planned an entire easter brunch, stopping frequently at pottery barn waiting patiently for the day that the easter dishes would go on sale (and i could actually afford them). the pastel egg bowls, bunny saucer, colored eggs- i had everything set in my mind. a ham bought, a new recipe for pinapple stuffing recipe ready to be tested, and round cake pans expecting to be filled. 


the flood sadly ruined my living magazine easter brunch. i had to quickly switch gears-  calling every restaurant in town hoping someone still had an open table for 5 - with ham and a gluten free menu. 

let me tell you, that was a challenge more than you think! sorry, ebbit grill for calling nearly everyday. a frequent conversation still plays in my head: 
"will you be having ham for brunch?" 
"sorry, mam, we still haven't decided on our easter brunch menu." 

(thankfully, they did have ham & something gluten free. & an easter bunny.)


the weekend seemed all a bit overwhelming at first. my parents would call and say:
 "cal, if it's too much, we can come another time."
"no, it's not, please come." 

i am incredibly grateful my family joined me that weekend. although, my martha stewart easter did not go according to plan, it didn't matter. we filled our days with laughter, sight-seeing, crab banging, animal watching, champaine toasting... (more than just a little bit of fun.) 

it was a beautiful weekend. one i will always remember. thanks mom & dad & gram. i think i needed you that weekend. love, cal

^^^  28 years :)

^^^ in her glory 

^^^ i think she like it. 

^^^ playing dress up

^^^ kite festival on the mall

^^^ annapolis. i'm obsessed.

^^^ you are mine, little crabby.

come back, soon, please. 

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