Monday, June 3, 2013

daisies && brownie

 i can't imagine what my life would be like without my sisters 
 for that matter who i would be. 
i didn't grow up with toy cars, action figures, video games, burps or fishing. 
instead, i grew up with barbies, american girl dolls, lipgloss, baking cookies && shopping. 
when hanna came to visit, i realized how much i missed having my sisters around. 
of course, the second she got here, i raided her suitcase, barely wearing any of my clothes all weekend. 
conversations included laughing about family disney memories && the funny things mom && dad do.
hanna && i have actually never lived this far apart for this long.
we both graduated from a high school with only 15 kids per class (ahhh shocker i know)
went to the same college
worked at the same summer camp
lived in the same town for summers
this trend kind of started when we were little as brownies and daisies (that's girl's scout terms if your not so familiar),
 my mom would say "if calla did it, hanna did, too"

so hanna, 
 i am kind of waiting for you to move here. 
you are taking longer than normal.  hurry up!
(i hear there are many social work jobs here, hanna && dental schools, too, ben.)

 ^^ of course, we both like dean and deluca. 
i think ben liked it too. 

 ^^ the boys

^^ what's better than pickle on a stick. not much in life. 

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