Friday, June 28, 2013

here's to you weekend of june 28.

i frequently look at the calendar and am reminded of what i was doing one year ago today. i don't know if this is the best habit; however, i guess you could say i enjoy seeing how much has changed in 365 days. sometimes a lot. sometimes not much at all. lately, it has tended to be a lot. i think it's something about your twenties. whether it's graduating, new zip codes, jobs, spouses, iphones... the list could go on. 

one year ago today, my sister, hanna & i, were taking a road trip to my new zip code of 22304. we had a packed suv and were ready to move me into my new home with my almost-husband. it was a surreal weekend. full of power outages, the fear of a tornado, extreme heat && an apartment filled with boxes. roaming around this strange city, shopping in georgetown, dining at serendipity, and waiting in line for the famous eastern market pancakes. the metro seemed foreign to me as well as the winding roads & highways. wondering if this would ever all feel familiar.

thankfully, now, all of which i am quite acquainted with.  i can't tell you how many times i have roamed the stores of georgetown or ate buckwheat pancakes at the market. i now even ask friends if they want to catch, brunch (a midwest term we refer to as- breakfast) 
what seemed like a strange city, now has become home. 

in one year, three hundred sixty five days, too may minutes and seconds to count- it is amazing what can change. i am thankful the boxes are put away && for my wonderful hubby for making this feel like home. so until my next trip down memory lane. here's to the weekend of june 28. (i can't wait to see what next year's june 28 looks like.)

p.s. i think i may need one of these 5 year memory book <-- click to see.

^^^^ thank you hannie for moving me in :)
let me buy you a cupcake.

^^^ i was sooo excited to call him my hubby.

^^^ i think we ate pizza once a day that weekend.

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