Thursday, June 13, 2013

a social event?!

 i started running in college. i remember my junior year roommate, brittany, asked if i wanted to go on a jog, like it was some kind of social event. 
i thought to myself- a jog? what does that mean?
do you talk? is it like speed walking? hmm. this could be interesting.

as many of my friends & family know, i can't say no. so i went for a "jog"- which consisted of breathing hard, aching legs, and wondering if i could make it. 
2 miles later- i realized i survived & actually didn't hate it && the best part- i felt amazing after it was done. 

four years later. i have clocked several jogs with several different friends in various  locations. (i guess i now kind of get that part about the social event.) it's funny how you can become almost addicted to something like running. it's that hate-love relationship. muscles hurting, legs screaming- yet you wake up day after day to hit the pavement and clock extra miles. because... in the end, you love it. 

the best part of running, besides the fact i don't feel guilty for eating ice cream afterwards, is the community it creates. the runners && fans.
 it's like your all working together with one goal in mind.
 accomplishing that dream of finishing.
and boy, does that feel good :)
 so go ahead. try a jog. 2 miles - it's all it may take. 

^^^ williamsburg half with kate

 ^^^ yes, we did the color run. caleb's first marathon (don't tell him a marathon is 26.2 not 3.1 miles)

^^^ first half @ notre dame with cathryn

^^ running for boston in dc

^^^ and when you add color, what's better? definitely, caleb's kind of run.

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