Wednesday, July 3, 2013

pearl macaroons

i love birthdays. especially, for little girls. i can remember all of the birthday parties my sisters & i had. bowling, roller rink, 80's themed, american girl, make-up party. you couldn't sleep for days because there was so much excitement to celebrate the day. (confession- i still can't sleep the night before my birthday)

i can't take credit for these beautiful birthday creations. my dear friends, kate & josh, made such a special mermaid birthday party for their daughter. shark gummie worms, veggie sushi, pb&jelly fish sandwiches, castle cake, goldfish crackers (they now have smore's flavored!!!), fresh squeezed lemonade, &&& macaroons. Sidenote: if you have ever tasted a macaroon, you know how delicious and airy it is. if you have ever made one, i congratulate you- talk about a finicky cookie. anyways, it was such a sweet birthday party with so much fun && celebration. 

 ^^^ the beautiful alvarado family

happy birthday sweet rowan. 

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