Sunday, June 9, 2013

williamsburg, va.

currently, i am obsessed with patriotism. 
how i would summarize this: anything red, white or blue- i can't get enough of it. 
including the most adorable sweater sported below
 (don't worry- i didn't buy it, but was extremely tempted). 

we entered into patriotic triangle last weekend, or as some like to call 
williamsburg, virginia. 
of course, as you can imagine i loved it. 
everything from virginia peanuts to the oldest college, william & mary, 
to cape cod houses EVERYWHERE. 
a dream. literally. 
williamsburg is a history book coming to life. a little corny at times, yet a true honor to what colonial america once looked like (or at least what my mental picture tells me it would have looked like)

i am thankful to be an american. && all the historical patterns that lies in our own backyard. 

^^ every flavor of peanut imaginable.

let's go garden. 

okay, here it is. my dream home. 
can you smell the apple pie baking?

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