Saturday, June 22, 2013

a table around the blanket.

i am a fan of shauna niequist. 
i remember reading her bittersweet and feeling encouraged &&
i remember having a book discussion on a porch in holland, mi with her cold tangerines
when her bread and wine became released, i knew i had to get my hands on it. 
for the past week, i cannot put it down. it is her memoirs of life around the table. something i yearn to have one day (maybe today). 

i love the idea of having people around your table. for our wedding, my registry was filled with entertaining dishes. i now own everything from colorful tortilla dishes, reindeer cocktail plates to a turkey shaped platter. i am ready for any holiday and any setting. however, most of my entertaining menus have yet to be planned, cooked, or baked. the dishes, unfortunately, sit on a shelf yet to be used. 

bread & wine has given me a new hope that i can have people at our table, or for now, around our coffee table. 

currently, i am trying the recipes shauna has suggested. this weekend, i tried her feta watermelon salad and brought it to a table around a blanket at the navy yard. (it was delicious- however, the man in my life might have liked a little more... meat, i suppose) anyhow, i loved it, so enjoy!

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