Saturday, June 15, 2013

freedom cake.

 freedom cake = summertime. 
freedom to sleep in. go to the beach. drink coffee until the late morning hours. 
watch the today show (all of it). cook out && strawberry shortcake. blueberries on everything. 
country music. hair tied into a bun on the top of your head. flea markets. painted toes. sunglasses. 
sun tans. late nights. drive in movies. 

last year, britt && i made our first freedom cake. it was a delicious almond martha stewart cake. double layered with lots of frosting. it took us the whole night to make. 
this year, i had to keep the tradition alive, but instead made cupcakes (same recipe).
only took me half the night. but totally worth it! 

so after year 2 of teaching, summer never felt so good. 

^^^ my kind of happy hour. 

^^ first day of summer dinner. 
risotto with corn && italian sausage. 

 ^^^looking forward to more of this- yay summertime. 

^^ cajun shrimp pedicures with kate :)

^^^ last year with britt. keeping the tradition alive, dear. 

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