Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a pretend southern date

^^^ this is poogan's porch @ charleston, sc. (the place we fell in love with low country cuisine) 

when caleb and i visited charleston in the spring. i fell in love. the charm of the open porches, carriage rides, southern accents && especially, the food. i now get cravings for shrimp and grits as well as wearing an oversized straw hat.

knowing that we were not making a trip back to charleston for a while, i searched for any restaurant in the dc, maryland, virginia area that served shrimp & grits for me and chicken & waffles for him. alas i found one, founding farmers. we even told our waiter, we were playing pretend and asked if he could have a southern accent. he played along nicely. caleb & i dined pretending we were in the low country. we even made candied pecans in the morning. 

as you can tell, i think we had an ache to go back, but made do with our surroundings. until next time, charleston, we will do our best to create you at home. 

^^^^ our pretend southern date in maryland
^^^ caleb surprised me with these for our "southern" day. boy, are they good!

^^^ i guess you can say i was excited for our southern date :)

^^^ canned food. seems like i should learn. one day. 

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