Sunday, March 3, 2013

goodbye february.

 life lately. 
has consisted of a variety of activities. inside activities to say the least. 
february- we get it. your cold. 
so, we have improvised. 
friday night settlers game. 
port city brewery tours 
(we discovered this brewery is a mile away from our house- 
we've only been a couple times.)
swing dancing at glen echo park. 
date nights with a menu full of seafood options. scallops please.
dozen cupcakes- yes, i will take one of every flavor. thank you for asking.

february, you have been good. 
see you again next year. 
maybe you could bring a snow day if you choose to be so cold again.

^^ now that's fresh beer.  

 ^^ yay for new friends in the city :)

^^ yes, we did learn how to swing. 
not like we didn't before, but i must say we have improved our steps.

 ^^ what's better than one.
 twelve of course. 
and a puppy to share with. 

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