Friday, March 29, 2013

chicken & waffles. shrimp & grits.

caleb and i were in for a much needed break. 
we had already planned a little getaway before our apartment fiasco,
 and were debating whether or not to cancel our trip. 
however, God's planning is much better than mine. He obviously knew we would need a getaway from our new box filled apartment and we decided to leave the mess & hit the road. 

boy, were we in for a treat!
rain or shine. this trip was a blessing. we drove eight hours to charleston and of course, the first thing i did was find a spot to eat. after much research, we landed on poogan's poorch. it was down pouring when we arrived; however, this did not affect people's love for saturday brunch. 

as we waited in the hallway of this yellow plantation-style home restaurant, i viewed the hall-of-fame for this restaurant. giada de laurentiis' signature particulary stood out to me, "bon appetite!" 
yes, she was right. 

caleb and i started our sourthern trip (in my opinion) the right way. 
shrimp & grits for me and chicken & waffles for him.
i was in love. with first bite. 

i must have been born in the wrong state. i can't believe i lived twenty four years without trying the savory sweetness of chicken & waffles or the bold chedder of chicken & grits. 

if the rest of the day was a wash out. charleston already was worth the eight hour drive. 

 what they call rainbow row^^^

 ^^ look what i spotted. boy, do i love weddings :)

 ^^ secret garden?!?!

 ^^^ naturally, i loved this barn. 

^^^ mom, you must have raised me in the wrong state. 

^^^ a city market.  charleston, you got me there. 

thankfully, the day kept getting better. 
what's better than a carriage ride on cobblestone roads with hot tea from a place called bananas and caviar.
 a dream. 

until next time, charleston. you hold my heart. 

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