Wednesday, March 20, 2013

when water hits.

as many of you may have heard, our apartment was water damaged this past weekend. 
i walked home to quite a mess friday evening. 
the smell of smoke and mildew filled my nose as i stepped into what used to be my home. 
catastrophe had hit our apartment,
 and our hearts.
funny, how life can turn so quickly on you.

the place i had worked so hard to make a nest as a new wife was gone. 
the ceiling collapsed. literally.

i really have never had an event like this occur in my life. 
and it's interesting how you react in times of trials. 

for instance,
it was not the destroyed couch that made me shed a tear
nor was it the electronics. 
wasn't the standing puddles or the bubbles on the walls. 

it was the chest.
the one i had found at goodwill. 
the chest i had searched high and low for. 
the one i had to fight for when another man told me in the store, 
"well, that's a good find" (seemingly insinuating- i want that)

me: "you think so, thanks. i do too." (hugging it with both arms- a little too heavy to carry on my own)

it's times like these that make you realize how grateful you are for what you do have 
and how easily it can be taken away. 
wow, i am so thankful for you. my friends and family. 
i am so thankful for laughter. for sunday pancakes. for long walks. 
for pizza saturdays with the alvarados. for whole food samples.
and...for you caleb.
sure glad, i had this boy by my side ^^^^

so alas, this has been a topsy turvy weekend/week. one i sure was not planning; however, i rest assured that God's plans are much higher. 

"being confident of this, he who began a good work in you will finish it unto completion until the day of Christ." philippians 1:6

thankful my hope does not rest in earthly things. 
boy, do these things not last. 

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