Wednesday, March 6, 2013

st. patrick's day. early.

so apparently in alexandria, va, 
they celebrate st. patricks day on the first weekend of march. 
i have never been a huge st. patrick's day person. however, this year, it seems i have become a huge parade person. 
alas, when i heard there was going to be a parade, i jumped at the opportunity. 
i think i feel like i am in gilmore girls when i go to town events- and well, parades feel so much like  a "town event."

i heard people whispering, "i didn't wear green- i hope i don't get pinched"
i couldn't help but think--- "people, it's not st. patrick's day."
 but reminded myself that this of course was a st. patty's day parade. 
so i had better get my green on. 
we saw some familiar faces- or i should say, a familiar band. 
it's funny how you can be hundreds of miles away from home, and be revisited by the fighting irish song.
so happy st. patrick's day. a little early this year.

^^^ we like our little town.

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