Thursday, March 14, 2013

union market and some of my favorites.

it's funny how certain things in life make people excited
i love how God created people. we are all so different. i know that is a simple statement. but think about it. 
blows my mind. 

for many, excitement may come from a favorite sports team winning a game. possibly completing a marathon. finishing a book. meeting a friend for coffee. sipping on that just-perfect-ordered latte, skim, extra hot, no whip... okay, i guess i will have the whip.  

for me, it seems to be some of  the smallest things that make me tick.

one of them...

grocery stores.

if you know me very well, you know that if i walk into a grocery store with samples, i am like a kid in a candy shop. you may not be able to keep up.  there is something about small little tastes that make my heart skip a beat.
 salmon bites on a toothpick? 
hummus and crackers?
 a triangular cut cookie? 
gouda cheese slices? 
and even better, wine samples? YES, YES, YES. 

for example, on my birthday, my wonderful husband took me to WHOLE FOODS for lunch. for many, this may seem like a cheap date, yet for me, a dream spot. it is especially bad when the guacamole lady knows you, "where you here last sunday?" 
"why yes, great memory, we were" (i guess i will only grab one chip this time)
or my husband's favorite. lunch date.
 "where do you wanna go, cal?" 
"whole foods?!"

my favorite grocery stores list could go on and on. dean and deluca. oh my... have you tried their smores bar? oh and the entry way. beautiful. 
martin's side door deli. a family tradition. a must every trip home. magnificent muffins. heavenly.
eastern market. oh my, you do not disappoint. those delicious pancakes, worth the hour wait every time. 

and yes, dc, once again, you have not let me down. recently, i was advised to visit union market. when i walked through the glass doors, yes, it was added to the list.  homemade milkshakes, mussel bar, pickles, tea... 
oh yes, we will be back union market. do not worry. 

p.s. thanks allison & kevin for enjoying with us. and thank you andrea for the suggestion :)


  1. Aw I love this! Glad you two had fun! xo

  2. yes, thank you so much andrea for the suggestion :)