Wednesday, February 27, 2013

charlottesville two.

one week ago, caleb and i were eating at citizen burger in downtown charlottesville chatting about all we did in our weekend vacation.
i don't know if anyone else does this, but i frequently reminisce about what i was doing one year ago, one week ago, and even one day ago 
(especially if it was a really good one year ago, week ago, or day ago- and sometimes wish i could relive it)

so i am reliving our getaway through pictures today. 
dreaming of our next adventure.
(( hope it's sooner than later.. hint hint caleb ))

^^^ oh there is just something about sweet potato fries :)

we also enjoyed touring all the presidents homes in virginia. we felt we had to pay a tribute as we traveled over presidents day

well, hello, james madison.

one day, my garden will look like this.

avocado, feta, tomato. heavenly.

^^ date night.

uva. seriously beautiful. 

i want one of those^^

monticello. you do have a beautiful view, mr. thomas jefferson. 

^^yes, my husband is a geologist.

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