Saturday, February 16, 2013


virginia. there are so many things i like about you. 

as many of you know, i like history. i actually majored in a social studies composite. 
i love the stories that roll out of our past. the romance, the miracles, the personalities.
there are so many towns, here in VA,
 where i feel like i am walking in a different decade. 
last weekend, caleb and i joined friends to tour the town they call home, richmond. 
we had a wonderful time
 chatting at lunch,
had a cupcake at a place called pearl's (umm.. love)
 walking the river, 
and trying a great new brewery 
(caleb's collection of beer glasses is becoming quite eclectic)

i can't wait to go back. 
thanks for being great tour guides, jessie and josh :)

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