Monday, February 18, 2013


it started back in january, when we had an itch to get out of town. 
there is something about being in one spot for too long.
 and there is another thing about, well,... winter. (you know what i mean.)
sometimes, i think you just need a little mini getaway. so that's what we did.
 we left for 48 hours and pretended like we were on a vacation. 
i insisted that caleb call it a vacation and we had to treat it like one
- which means for me, 
calories don't count, 
sleeping in, 
absolutely NO working out,
 and dessert- every chance possible. 
oh caleb, he is such a trooper. he played right along. he even insisted on soaking up every minute and not missing any historical opportunity (which he knows i love)
so here's a little sneak peak of our vacation.  

p.s. never knew central virginia had so many wineries. apparently, becoming its own east coast napa. 
our personal fav.- king's family. 
polo events on sundays this summer. umm. yes. we are there. 

our b&b.
 so even though, we only were in charlottesville for one morning, we seemed to eat a lot of breakfast food. hmm. weird. 

^^ king's family

^^i'm obsessed. thanks caleb.

 ^^ the way coffee should be, with cream, of course.

 ^^^ breakfast at the inn

^^^^ chocolate made from wine... umm... yes. 

 ^^ there is something about mountains. as well as sunrises. combination of both, delightful.

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