Thursday, February 7, 2013


in the summers family, super bowl is kind of a big deal. 
sort of like a national holiday.
my dad had it on our calendar for months and started to look forward to it the minute we put our christmas tree away.
if you know anything about my dad - 
have seen the basement of my parents house or can remember the red chiefs mobile
... (arrowhead decals and all)... 
then you know what i am talking about.

every year on super bowl sunday, my parents would have enough food to feed for the masses
 (while usually it was only the core 5 of us)
this year, i was not close to home. 
so caleb and i thought we would carry on the tradition. 
we had so much fun planning a food menu for our friends, trying wings from different places and going to breweries to pick the best beer to serve.

i hope i made you proud-
here's to you, dad


we did our best in alexandria. 
who says you can't have champagne while watching football. 

cheers to you, beyonce

i think i like him ^^

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