Sunday, February 10, 2013

painting and wine.

Sunday afternoons. Why not paint? 
i have never found myself as an artist or even slightly artistic.
 i always thought of myself as a communicator. 
But sometimes, after a long work week, it's nice to.... well... not communicate. 
when first entering the painting room, i didn't really know what to expect. 
a blank canvas, colored paint, and an apron. 
three hours later, i found myself completely lost in my work. almost finding myself competitive for the "best" painting
 (also a new thing for me- competitive?! what is going on?!)

i found my arm swishing back and forth, and looking for the sunlight to shine through.
i'm now a believer in art therapy- forget running (just kidding). 

caleb and i had so much fun and actually were both runners-up in the contest (we were kind of excited about this, naturally)
we quickly ran home, grabbed a bottle of champagne to celebrate our "masterpieces" and searched for the most perfect spot to hang our work. 

come visit and see if you can find them :)

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