Friday, December 28, 2012

2012. here's to you.

dear 2012, 
thank you for your constant pursuit of never staying the same- 
i no longer think i know what the term "comfort" means.

3 different addresses, 2 different jobs, 1 new husband. 

 thank you for blowing my mind and all the "plans" in my own head. 
truly, your plans have surpassed what i could ever imagine and have been far better than my own. 

here's to you. i'm beyond thankful.


p.s. i won't be hurt if there isn't as much change in store for 2013. maybe just 1 life change would be nice.  

prayer. you blow my mind, Lord. 

 bridal showers to remember. 

a new last name. & a new family. 

 yes, Lincoln is my new neighbor. 

 honeymoon. a dream.

 our home. 

our first meal at our new home. 

wake me. i must be dreaming. 

to think this picture was our engagement picture. taken one year ago. oh my, you blow my mind 2012. 

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