Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 dates of christmas. date 6

date 6: can you guess...

 you had to know it was coming.... SANTAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! (i know him ...)
it's true we saw... SANTAAAAAAAAAAAA (that never gets old)

and we say Manny from Modern Family aka ricco rodrigues (i'm not sure who i was more excited for.)

p.s. if you ever wanna see the national christmas tree lit up... 
make sure to go before 10 pm. 
 a minute later and it's too late. (not like it happened to us or anything) 

 georgetown cupcakes... everything christmas themed.
 when you thought those darn cakes couldn't get any better. 
add a peppermint swirl. ahh- i'm a goner. 

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