Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 dates of christmas. date 7.

our gingerbread home. 

We walked in the Sugar Cube store on a gloomy, Sunday afternoon.
And, heard about the gingerbread contest and thought, “so glad it’s not June.”

For in December, there is no end to all the fun.
So much to do, we felt it might be a little overdone.

We grabbed as much candy as we could fit in our hands.
So many yummy treats in all the lands.

When out acclaimed “what about the frosting, hun?”
“Don’t worry, it has just started, we have only begun.”

We worked day and night,
And thought we might stand a fight.


We are pleased to present our gingerbread home.
You will not find this place in Rome.

No, it is our cape cod dream space.
We hope to one day call our place.

So enjoy the pretzel bricks, marshmallow snow, spearmint grass.
And one day we will invite you to the real brick home, with sprinkling snow and hot chocolate to sip in a nice glass.

But for now, take a look.
And, we will continue to work on our checkbook.

Merry Christmas!
Caleb and Calla Nyboer

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