Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 dates of christmas. date 12. complete

christmas day. our first. of many.
12 dates. completed. 

santa baby anyone?

someone's a little tired. and knows where to shop :)

 so a little ornament tradition. look familiar?! 

so i am rethinking the pies at our wedding after this wonderful cake.
p.s.  a pink champagne flavored cake inside. ummm... yum... i think i have had a piece every night this week. 

merry christmas. boy, was this season fun. full of memories, traditions & laughter.

(wax paper caramel fiasco, 6x8 christmas cards, 12 hour drives, homemade pop-tarts, everything peppermint, birthdays of 24th years, too little wrapping paper, new family traditions, celeb sightings, friends reuniting. wouldn't change it for the world.

as my mom and han would say, "oh you know, the holidays..."

from ours to yours. hope it was lovely.

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