Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12 dates of christmas. date 9.

i'll be home for christmas. 
this song seemed to repeat in my head for nearly 12 hours on the long car ride home for the holidays

caleb and i embarked on our journey to michigan at 3:30 on saturday morning 

the ride was full of story telling of our family traditions (in all the five years caleb and i dated, we had yet to spend the holiday together until now)

it sure was a sweet ride when we got to pass the time dreaming of the next few days to come 
(and boy were these next few days sweet)

virginia, pennsylvania, ohio, indiana, michigan...
 and we were home...by 3 pm!
family, hugs, smiles & cookie decorating greeted us at the door.

here are some pictures of our road trip

we weren't excited or anything.

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