Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12 dates of christmas. date 4.

it just so happens that i am 4 days younger than caleb. 
so we kind of had a birthday week
full of sweets and birthday songs
my kind of celebration: life
date number 4. my birthday. 
and boy, did caleb blow me out of the park with his creative ideas. 

enjoying the sight of my new red roses & eating yummy chocolate (dark and milk!)
browsing the eastern market and snacking on all the yummy samples
gazing over the beautiful table settings at pottery barn
eating pumpkin ravioli and calamari at the old ebbitt grill 
(umm... hello nutcrackers!)
blowing out 24 candles & devouring peppermint ice cream
and surprise.......

a christmas white house tour. 
whoa caleb. you are the best.

and also thank you scottie fore for the tour. 

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