Sunday, January 5, 2014

date 12: it's a wrap!

on my last date of christmas 2013, i wanted to share some of the festivities my family did during our week together. (i guess i had over the twelve dates originally planned. whoops!)
my family attended the south bend symphony, drank santa baby's at the chocolate cafe, painted our nails with sparkles, glitter & designs, hosted a christmas feast, visited breweries and wineries. we also laughed a lot, cried (some), ate && slept in. 

i learned quite a bit from christmas this year. 
i learned christmas isn't perfect. it can be stressful, and at times, tiring. it can mean missing someone you love. making the best of a situation & holding those who surround you close. it can mean loosing your temper & saying your sorry. 
it can also mean being real and totally a hot mess. 
christmas is about: not being perfect. 
nothing about it is perfect except for the true gift that God sent for each of us. 
Jesus didn't enter a perfect world, and yet, sometimes i try making this life perfect (an impossible task.) 
i am thankful i don't have to be perfect and the people in my life don't have to be perfect either. 
i am, however, in awe, taken back, speechless that a perfect God knows me, knows my name, and sent his Son to be born into this chaos to die for me, and for you. 

i can't understand why He would do this, but i am so thankful He did. && for this reason, christmas is so much more than what a picture, song, or movie portray. christmas is accepting this free, gracious, undeserving gift && loving on those around you because of this gift. 

merry christmas 2013. you have taught me a lot. 

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