Sunday, January 5, 2014

date 10: southport grocery

this year, i finished my dates with my family. 
i am a homebody- it's true. i love, love, love being home. 
so i wasn't too disappointed when my parents picked me up in chicago. 
we dined at southport grocery (my favorite breakfast spot!)
((i am obsessed with their bread pudding pancakes && bruschetta egg dish. if you live in chicago and haven't gone, GO!)) 

i wish i could go back to this place, this moment in time. 
(not only for the delicious food, but these precious moments go by too fast.)
this meeting place, this moment marks:
my first official day of break (!!!)
&& furthermore,
christmas had not yet passed & the best was still to come.
baking to be completed, windingbrook christmas lights to be viewed, friends to see, santa baby's to drink && the best part, it was only beginning of it all! 

i love moments like these. (time traveler, take me back!)

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